• IS THIS YOU ?
    • Sound a bit out of
    • the way to you? 

    My friend, that's scripture.

    Let's look:

    Matthew 20:16..."So the last shall be first,

    and the first last: for many are called, 

    but few chosen." 

    John 15:16..."You have not chosen me, 

    but I have chosen you and ordained you,

    that ye should go and bring forth fruit, 

    and that your fruit should remain: 

    that whatsoever ye shall ask

    of the Father in my name, 

    he may give it you." I Corinthians 1:26-29

    ..."For ye see your calling, brethren,

    how that not many wise

    men after the flesh,

    not many mighty, not many noble, 

    are called: " But God hath chosen

    the foolish things of the world

    to confound the wise; 

    and God hath chosen the weak

    things of the world to confound

    the things which are mighty; 

    "And base things of the world

    and things which are despised,

    hath God chosen, yea, 

    and things which are not, 

    to bring to nought things

    that are: "That no flesh

    should glory in his presence."

    CHOSEN That's what we are.

    Notice, if you will, that each

    passage of scripture you've

    just read deals with the word

     "chosen." God is saying, 

    "I choose you. I saved you

    for a purpose." It started

    with salvation. Many are

    called to salvation, but not

    all will receive it. You see, 

    Jesus issued a universal

    invitation to salvation: 

    "Come unto ME."(Matthew 11:26)

    ."Whosoever believeth.."(John 3:16).

    Yet not all will be saved, 

    simply because they don't want to, 

    as God has given man the power

    of choice, and some

    just don't want to accept.

    What about those who seem

    to seek salvation and don't

    make it? Someone asked

    Jesus, "Are there few that be

    saved. Jesus' reply was, "Strive

    to enter in at the straight gate:

    for many, I say unto you, will

    seek to enter in, and will not be


    So, then, there are those

    who give every evidence of

    wanting to be saved and still

    don't get into the kingdom.

    Many are called, but few are

    chosen. And yet, it is not God's

    will that anyone should perish.

    The field narrows even more

    after salvation. Many are

    called to preach, but FEW ARE

    CHOSEN. "Some went," the Lord

    is saying, "but I didn't choose

    them. If they had sat at My feet

    and gotten the words from My

    mouth, the people would have

    known that I sent them." They

    have gone out, but God didn't

    send them.

    Those God HAS

    chosen, were chosen from the

    foundation of the world. Now, 

    I don't knock credentials, 

    but ordination papers don't

    make a preacher, and licenses

    do not make a missionary. 

    All the degrees mean nothing

    if God has not chosen you.

    For those God HAS chosen, 

    a destiny has been designated, 

    destiny being a predetermined

    course. Fate if you will. 

    The inevitable. If you are a

    "Chosen Child of Destiny," 

    it is inevitable that you are going

    to do what God wants you to do. 

    There are those whom God has

    called to a work. Some answer

    the call, some don't. But you

    will find that if God has chosen

    you to do a work, you have

    no choice in the matter.

    If you have been chosen by God, 

    there is something in you that

    knows you are one of His chosen

    sons or daughters of destiny.

    And, the thing that God has

    assigned your hand to do, you're

    going to do it, because it's in you

    to do it, before you ever get started.

    You go to bed with it. You wake

    up with it. You fast with it. 

    You pray with it. You find

    that what you read and study

    contains it. It pops up in your

    conversation. Even when you

    listen to the radio, the TV, the

    preacher seems to talk about

    it on the radio, because there's

    something in you that registers

    when that subject comes up.

    And no matter how you stray

    from it, and try to put other things

    before it, you'll find yourself

    coming right back to it like a

    magnet. I don't care who

    comes and lays hands on

    you to prophesy to the contrary,

    telling you to do ‘'this'' when

    you know you're to ‘'that," you're

    going to wind up doing "that," 

    if you're a chosen child of destiny. 

    We've wasted so much time

    in the church trying to help

    people stay saved, live right,

    and love one another.

    God is tired of our stubbornness, and

    unwillingness to move. 

    Hooked on self, materials, and

    position, we've come to a

    point where we refuse to move,

    refuse to get up, regardless of

    who we might be hindering or hurting.

    WHO ARE THEY? It is exactly

    this kind of environment that

    molds and makes the chosen

    children of destiny. Those who've

    been in the background;

    those on the back pews; 

    the unrecognized, the unnoticed:

    those who have been like Moses,

    on the backside of the desert;

    or like Paul "three years in Arabia, 

    to get the mind of God," those

    who have been in obscurity.

    Now these "chosen ones," in the

    fullness of time, come out of

    obscurity, and into the limelight.

    Not by the choosing of man, 

    but of God. And, no matter who

    has been in front, no matter

    who has been blocking you,

    no matter who has been

    overshadowing you, when it's

    your time, you're coming forth

    as sure as the world.

    You're going to find that there

    are many different

    children of destiny. Some he, 

    some she. Some black. Some white,

    some red, some old, some

    young, some Catholic, some

    Baptist, some fat...But, they

    will have this in common: 

    God can depend on them.

    They have been taken through

    the tortures of the damned.

    Ostrasized, criticized, tenderized,

    and set aside. God has suffered

    their hearts to be broken,

    to be hungry, to be lonely,

    disappointed, run over by

    their best friend, kicked by

    the enemy, to have those they've

    done the most for, lift up their

    heels against them, and they've

    suffered great embarrassment.

    Why? All this to shape and make

    them... US, so that we shall have

    sat where the people sat. We shall

    have been touched with the feelings

    of their infirmities. We are not

    talking about those who are

    rising and fallen in the church, 

    doing what they want, sinning, 

    and not caring, as long as

    they don't get caught. Not the

    whoremongers and whore-hoppers.

    Not the homosexuals. Not those

    just after the mighty dollar.

    Not the ego-trippers, 

    and 4-day wonders.

    Not the big wigs, big wheels, 

    and folk clamoring for office

    and position. This message is

    not for those... but God's

    chosen children of destiny!

    God's chosen children of destiny

    are not concerned about those

    things. They have been saved

    from the clothes they wear. 

    They're saved from the homes

    they live in, and the money in

    their pockets. It is not for us to

    look around and judge who is,

    or is not a chosen child of destiny.

     It's not always who you think it is. 

    They could at this moment be

    sitting in a tavern, lying in a gutter.

    But when God is ready for

    them, they are going to be

    sanctified, and filled with

    the Holy Ghost / Holy Spirit!

    FOR THIS TIME There have

    always been chosen children

    of destiny, but now they increase

    greatly, as God calls them

    forward for this special time

    and day. There is a special task

    that lies ahead. These are they

    who will not cry when the going

    get tough. He has toughened them.

    He has disciplined them. He has

    given them the will to do. He

    has given them the patience,

    tolerance, endurance, and

    determination and fortitude

    to be able to say yes to Him in

    thick and thin. The things of

    this world do not excite them.

    Money... the big crowd... Rather,

    they are excited over this one

    thing... that they please God

    in every way. While you sleep,

    while you pray, while you fast,

    the devil plots your downfall.

    But as a chosen child of

    destiny, you don't have to worry,

    because He has promised

     "a thousand shall fall at thy

    side, and ten thousand at thy

    right hand... but it shall not come

    nigh thee."


    chosen child of destiny, your

    lifestyle will change. You will

    not lead the same ordinary life

    that others lead. Many of you

    will be called into a complete

    life of faith. No social security,

    public welfare, compensation,

    disability, but just dependency

    on God for everything. And you're

    going to have to, whether you

    want to or not. LIVE BY FAITH.

    Simply because you are a chosen

    child of destiny. God is going to

    bring about changes in your life. 

    You can't make the changes, 

    God will do it. SEVEN OVER

    EASY First, your VALUES will


    Heretofore your values may

    have been misplaced. As you move

    further into the realm where

    God wants you, you'll find

    them changing. It won't be

    so important to have a new

    car every year. Big homes,

    and a full closet will not be

    important anymore. Instead,

    your values will enter into the

    spirituals, as your only value

    will be the will of God. You will

    find that the will God shall become

    the most important thing in your life.

    You may want to do something good, 

    and right, but if it's

    not the will of God, you're going

    to leave that thing alone.

    Some of you will find that your

    DIET will change. You'll need

    the best of health to do God's

    business. Many illnesses are

    caused by improper eating habits.

    There are foods we eat that hinder

    rather than help. Foods that drag

    you down, make you tired, 

    depressed. Some make you

    feel irritable, can give you a headache.

    A good sensible diet with plenty of

    fresh fruits and vegetables will help

    give you that extra spark to carry on His

    great work. You'll find that you don't require

    so much in way of LIVING EXPENSES.

    We've preached that prosperity thing wrong. 

    We've preached that the Lord wants you

    to have. But... when you get it, what are

    you going to do with it? Because that's not

    the purpose of Him prospering you. He gives

    to you that you might do two things: share i

    ... and give back into the work of the Lord. 

    And you'll find that you won't need as much

    as you thought you did to exist. You'll learn

    to make do with what you have. And... know

    that when God tells you to do something. He

    will supply what you need, and the means,

    whether you consider it to be sufficient or not.

    He knows what He's doing, and He'll give you

    the grace to use what He's given you to work

    or live with it.

    God's chosen children of destiny be SOUND IN

    EVERY WAY. God is not going to have His

    children of destiny all bent over and looking

    beat up, talking about. "God is able." His children

    are going to have sound bodies, sound sleep. His

    children of destiny are going to be sound in every

    way that they may be an example of what God can

    do for His people. And they will not see men as

    trees walking, but their only FEAR, shall be to

    fear God, and Him only. They shall not fear what

    man can do to them. When man puts you, man

    can bring you down. And ... when God has put

    you up, no one had better touch you! You're in

    the will of God! You're a chosen child of destiny!

    God's chosen children will be GIFTED and

    ANOINTED. There are some who are gifted,

    but not anointed... anointed, but not gifted. 

    But chosen child, you will be both gifted and

    anointed. God will give the gift and HIS anointing

    will be on it. A gift can be operated anytime,

    anywhere, but, it's the anointing that breaks

    the yoke. It's the anointing that carries the

    power of TOTAL deliverance. God's chosen

    children of destiny will be HIGHLY ANOINTED.

    God told me to tell you that you didn't choose

    Him, He chose you. He ordained you. He wants

    you to get out there and bear much fruit, and

    let your fruit remain. He overlooked the nobleman,

    the mighty, and chose the foolish thing...

    the oddball, the black sheep of the family,

    the fall guy, the Cinderella, the Humpty-Dumpty

    that had a great fall. The one that all the

    king's men, couldn't put back together again. 

    He wants to use you for His glory. Jesus

    was rejected, but remember He became the

    head cornerstone. Gideon was a chosen

    child of destiny. He was from a poor family,

    and the least in his household. Yet, God

    chose to defeat the Amalekites described

    as "without number." With only three hundred

    men, who never lifted a sword (Judges 6 and 7).

    BECAUSE HE CHOSE YOU You've got a

    spot inside you reserved just for God, because

    you're chosen. Because you're chosen, you've

    got to go; you've got to obey; the "yes" is on

    the inside; it's not too hot. it's not too cold; 

    you're going to go all the way.

    You're going to have a "this kind" ministry. 

    The disciples asked Jesus why they could

    not cast out a particular demon. Jesus told

    them that "this kind come out only by fasting

    and prayer." You'll have that "this kind" 

    ministry. Those hard demons, those bumpy

    back demons, flea bitten demons, those

    hard demons with whiskers on them, captain

    demons, corporal demons, sergeant demons,

    lieutenant demons... they'll have to leave

    because they'll realize that there's power, 

    Power, POWER in the blood!

    Bishop William Lockhart, got a confession


    DESTINY! You didn't know why you had to go

    the way you went. Why others COULD and

    you couldn't. You didn't understand why He

    held you back... why you couldn't get with

    the in-crowd. Why He didn't let you go too far.

    Because you're a CHOSEN CHILD OF DESTINY

    ...a royal priesthood... a holy nation... a peculiar

    people... CHOSEN... to shew forth His praises.

    The praises of Him who brought you out of

    darkness and into His marvelous light. And no

    matter how you say, "I'm not going to do it,

    I'm not going to obey," you know that deep

    in your heart you will, because it's in you

    and you don't have a choice!

    You're a chosen child of destiny. What -ever

    you do, in the final analysis, it's going to be

    Christ. Now you know why He's taken you

    the way He did. So, now, come along with me. 

    Come along chosen child of destiny. There is

    much work to do. The harvest is great. 

    The night draws nigh. With the last vestiges

    of daylight we must gather in the harvest. 

    How shall we then live? By faith. 

    And what is our meat?