The Step's Of A Holy Woman In Jesus Christ.

Holy women are set apart by God to establish a solid base in God's word and His work.

1. Qualities of a Holy Women.

A.) Set Good Examples - 1Tim.2:9-10

B.) Dedicated to helping Others - Acts 9:36

C.) Dependable and Loyal - Ruth 1:16-17

D.) Honor and Respect leadership - 1Tim.5:17-19 & 6:1

2. Live the life you speak about.

A.) James 1:22-23

3. Holy women should cultivate an intense hatreds for sin and satan, but an unconditional love for righteousness and God.

A.) Holy Women must develop proper attitudes toward God and his people. Phil.2:4-5

B.) Holy Women must study God's word, studying the word voids out jealously, insecurity and defensiveness. II Tim.2-15

4. Holy women that are building on a sure foudation should know God's word, be efficient, be disciplined, chaste, discreet, deferring, gracious, controlled, ''Together''. May the Lord our God give you these three things:

1.) Great grace to endure without fear.

2.) Genuine mercy to forgive without resentment.

3.) Prevailing peace to continue without doubt.